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Tip of the Week

photograph of an airport gate sign, with the gate number A27 featured, and several beautifully wrapped Christmas presents and holiday decorations on the top of the sign
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Traveling by air for the holidays? Let the airline know that you are hard of hearing when you make your reservation; you can often note your hearing status on the online reservation form. If you can't hear flight announcements and there is no visual message board in the boarding area, when you get to your departure gate, ask the airline representative there to personally notify you when it is time to board, or if there are any delays. And once you're on the plane, let a flight attendant know how he or she can best communicate with you. Safe travels!


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Welcome to Whatgirl.net. As the Website for Your Ears, Whatgirl.net provides information, inspiration, and resources especially for working-age adults with hearing loss.

We have created this site to give adults in their prime who have a hearing loss, or those who may think they do, a place to visit often and find ways to craft vibrant lives for themselves. Your family and friends will also find support in knowing that neither you nor they are alone.

Our goals are to augment professional advice that you obtain from your own health care providers with real-life strategies, tips, and ideas for managing your hearing loss, and to highlight dynamic, successful people with hearing loss just like you.

There are over 22.5 million people ages 18-64 who are hard of hearing in the United States. More and more of us are vibrant, spunky, and full of life. Whatgirl.net can help you reach your potential, and have fun doing it!

Check out these featured pages, as well as the rest of our site:

For data and statistics on hearing loss, see the interesting analyses by Sara Laufer Consulting in Research and News. New findings from the 2005 National Health Interview Survey show associations between trouble hearing and sleep deficits, feeling worthless, and reduced labor force participation. If you need customized research on hearing loss, please complete our Query Form.

Keep your New Year's fitness resolution with Keli Roberts' Fat-Burning Kickboxing for Dummies offers a variety of kickboxing routines, and terrific instruction. The DVD is closed-captioned, and no equipment or sparring partners are required!

For more of our reviews of captioned workouts, go to our Captioned Workout Reviews page.

Are you thinking about getting a hearing dog? Martha Hoffman's book, Lend Me an Ear, delves into the lives of these miraculous animals. Read our review.

Is listening getting you down? Rely on your other senses to spice things up! Read "Compensatory Senses" to find out lots of easy and inexpensive ways to find Something To Holler About that won't tax your ears.

Federal policies about hearing aids and assistive devices abound, and they can be confusing. Get some clear information on national laws, and links to Food and Drug Administration information, in The Policy Vibe.

It's time to make things better!

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